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Aptly-named former Doncaster Unison official Frank Perks made several appearances in this column before stepping down in disgrace last year after being found guilty of harassing a black colleague. After he was mentioned in Eye 1020 as a drinking crony of former council leader Colin Wedd, Unison demanded that we apologise to Perks, "a hard-working.... dedicated Unison officer". Alas no apology was forthcoming.


In Eye 1033 we told how a Brighton landlady had sent Unison a £500 bill after Perks and others had attempted to purloin a bottle of Bailey's from her bar, smashing a vase in the process, during the 2001 Unison conference.


Now, at long last, an apology has been delivered - by Frank Perks It comes in response to a libel action against him begun by fellow Unison officer Doug Wright over the contents of an election address circulated by Perks when he stood against Wright for a union job in 2002. According to his statement, Perks did not mean to suggest that Wright had "threatened to set fire to his house" ; nor that Wright had "stolen from Unison subscriptions by abusing the photocopier and printing up leaflets for his own purpose" ; and Perks definitely did not believe that Wright had "lied to, threatened, bullied or intimidated other members of staff." As well as the grovelling apology, Perks has agreed to pay Wright's legal costs.


All is not lost for Perks, however. He continues to be approved as a suitable candidate for Labour in the local elections. 


Private Eye No.1124 21st Jan 2005





After the Donnygate scandal (Eyes passim) it became well known that some 12 Doncaster councillors and around 20 officers had escaped prosecution by the expedient of repaying taxpayers' money they had stolen before inspector Knacker came to call.


So the coming into force the freedom of information act seemed a good time for local resident Joan Moffit, who runs a "Name the Names" campaign, to apply to the council to find out exactly who got away with fiddles and how much money was involved. Now, in the spirit of openness, Doncaster council's legal officer Paul Evens has replied. "I have considered your request and conclude that the information is exempt from disclosure," he says. So no change there, then.


Private Eye No 1127 4th March 2005