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Doncaster council last year commissioned Prof. Gus John to investigate the need of ethnic groups in the town. In his his report, John condemned the ruling Labour party and its leader as being "at ease with institutional racism"


Elected mayor and master of bollockspeak Martin Winter rejected the report, claming "race relations are very good". Jane Kidd, the cabinet member responsible for race issues, said John's findings were inaccurate. And Doncaster Central constituency Labour party, home of fragrant John Prescott fan Rosie Winterton MP, angrily dismissed the report.


So how good are race relation? Well, the first two in a series of racial harassment and discrimination cases involving the council have now resulted in Doncaster making substantial settlements; and two more racially sensitive cases are due in tribunal soon.


Disgraced Unison officer Frank Perks, who was handed a final written warning for harassing a black colleague (eyes passin) and then had to quit following a resounding defeat in the union elections, recently held a farewell bash at a pub near the council offices. In attendance was Mayor Winter and his deputy Aiden Rave, 13.5


Private Eye No.1079 2nd May 2003




In 1998 Tony Blair made a fool of himself on Doncaster railway station when he was photographed endorsing Donny's "new regime" of Malcolm Glover and Mike Farrington shortly before they were arrested and pleaded guilty to expenses fiddling (Eye 1050). Both received suspended jail sentences.


Now Cherie Blair's grinning face has appeared in the local Free Press beside elected mayor Martin Winter (Eyes passim ad nauseam). She chirrups: "I have been listening to the local party members and their plans for improving Doncaster are really exciting."


What did she have in mind? Perhaps it was race relations in the wake of Professor Gus John's report (Eye 1079) which condemned the council and local Labour party as "institutionally racist". Or was it a delivering failing services in housing, education and social services?


As she spoke, Labour's "policy" on fat cat pay increases was being blasted apart by Donny council with leaked plans to give six top council officers a 36 percent pay increase, with a further 22 heads of service grabbing a £10,000 boost, costing council tax payers an extra £2.4 m. At the same time 114 frontline housing service jobs are to go and residents are celebrating a 13.5 percent hike in council tax. She knows how to pick a winner, does Mrs. B!


Private Eye No.1082 13th June 2003